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Direct Cremation

What is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is the simplest and most affordable funeral option. The cremation takes place in the days immediately following the passing without a viewing or funeral service beforehand. This allows for a more affordable option for families.

Many families hold a memorial or celebration of life service at a later date. With a direct cremation you’re able to arrange a much more personalized service, without the time and cost-pressure of a traditional funeral.


Advantages of Direct Cremation:


The median cost for a direct cremation is considerably less compared to a traditional funeral service and cremation. Ashes to Ashes guarantees the lowest direct cremation package price in Travis, Williamson, Hayes, Caldwell, Guadalupe, Bastrop, Burnet Counties.

With direct cremation, there is no service to organize and the process is simple. This means that arrangements can be made online or by phone and is paper free. No funeral home visit required!


The begin-to-end cremation process typically takes 2 weeks. However, death certificates may take longer, depending on the local health department.

Direct Cremation Process and Timeline:

  1. Removal of your loved one (typically in one hour of contacting us).

  2. Your loved one is kept in our secure climate-controlled environment while paperwork and permits are completed (typically less than 14 days).

  3. The cremation (1 day)

  4. We return your loved one’s cremains to the family. Loved one’s cremains can be returned via USPS Priority Mail Express, hand-delivered, or you can collect them in person (typically 1 to 4 days).

  5. Death certificates are mailed to the family. Depending upon the county, this can take 2-4 weeks, so expect the death certificates to arrive after the cremains.



With a direct cremation must a person be embalmed?
No, embalming is not required for a direct cremation. Your loved one is 
kept in a secure climate-controlled environment until the cremation.

Do I need to purchase a casket or urn?

No, your loved one will be cremated in a combustible container. The ashes are returned to the family in a temporary urn.

Can I pre-arrange and pre-pay for this service?

Yes, arrangements can be planed before your loved one has passed. 

Why pick Ashes to Ashes over other funeral homes? 

Ashes to Ashes is locally owned in Austin, Texas. Your loved one is not transferred to another facility or taken to another location for cremation. We guarantee the lowest cost for direct cremation services in Travis and Williamson County. 

How can Ashes to Ashes be less expensive than other cremation providers?

We own our retorts and do not outsource our cremations.

Is witness cremation available?

Yes, the family can have a witness viewing before the start of the cremation.

Are funeral services available?

Yes, a funeral service can be held at our chapel prior to the cremation.

Is an oversize cremation available?

Yes, we can cremate up to 1,0000 pounds.

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